Free Online Teaching Practice with Real ESL Students

Become a confident language teacher with free teaching practice.

Do you have the knowledge but not enough teaching practice?

The classroom is your stage, students are your audience, and you are the performer. To become a great performer (Oscar-worthy), you need to practice. Sure you can take part in a staged classroom with pretend students but it’s never the same experience - as the real deal. A real classroom experience will not only help build your confidence but also help you get over stage fright.

Receive feedback but without the pressure of actually being on the job

Enhance your resume with extra hours of online teaching

Build your confidence and test various teaching styles

Learn to cope with different personalities and situations

Enrich lives by teaching new language skills

Why we offer FREE Teaching Practice?

New teachers struggle with finding opportunities to practice in real-life situations with actual learners. Some receive no teaching practice while others manage to get some experience as part of their teacher training course but it’s rarely enough and often comes with a higher fee not everyone can afford.

You probably heard the famous saying ‘nothing in life is for free’. This doesn’t apply to us. Langu.ag is part of learningonline.xyz, a socially conscious organization looking for creative ways to give back to the community through learning and development. Teachers are one of the most important members of society with the power to change lives and we knew we needed to support them.

How it works?

With the help of clever algorithms and automation, we connect English teachers with English learners (who also receive lessons for free) through a virtual classroom with minimal coordination.

Step 1: Register your details
Step 2: Connect with teaching opportunities
Step 3: Teach live online classes and gain valuable experience