FrequentLy Asked Questions

How can I learn languages on is a live online portal where you can easily find English language instructors, browse their profiles and connect with them to learn English. You can schedule a private online class with the teacher/instructor in slots of 30 minutes and book your favorite teacher easily using the booking form.

Can I learn other languages apart from English?

At the moment, you can only learn English as we are only enrolling English language teachers. We will offer other languages in the future, provided there is enough demand.

How long are the classes? What if I want longer classes?

The classes/lessons can only be booked in slots of 30 minutes. You can book as many slots as you like with the teacher/instructor if he/she is available.

I don’t see any pricing on the website! Is it free?

Your first 30 minutes class on is always free. This is so that you can try our services and the quality of the instructors teaching methods. After the first free 30 minutes, you will have to pay a small fee that the teacher/instructor will agree with you before you start your classes.

What happens if I miss a class that I had booked?

Any classes that are booked but not attended are classified as “No Show” and are forfeited. Unfortunately it is not possible to refund or reschedule a “No Show” class as the teacher/instructor would have already scheduled that slot to you.

Can I cancel/reschedule a class that I have booked already?

Yes, you can cancel/reschedule a class 24 hours prior to its scheduled time. You cannot cancel a class or reschedule it within 24 hours, however, you can always reach out to the teacher/instructor if they could accommodate another time/date for you.

The teacher didn’t show up for a scheduled class. What do I do?

The teachers and instructors available on are extremely professional and it is unlike them to not show up for a scheduled class. However, such things do happen in extenuating circumstances and your class will be rescheduled or you will be refunded if you choose to take that option.

Will I receive a certificate after I complete my classes?

At the moment, there are no certificates provided after you complete a class. This is because classes are limited to 30 minute slots, that are primarily meant for learning specific topics without necessarily learning by levels. However, we may offer certificates in the future depending on demand from our learners.

Is it O.K. if I change my teacher?

Yes! You can change your teacher/instructor at anytime except during an active session. To change the teacher, simply choose a different instructor at the time of booking your next session.

What’s the difference between live classes and online classes?

Live classes enable you to learn face-to-face with a private teacher in real-time. You can raise your hand, ask questions, find answers and clarify any doubts you may have immediately while you are learning. Online classes may refer to either recorded video or slides that you can access online and learn on your own, without any input or assistance from any teachers.

Are all the teachers/instructors native speakers?

The interests of learners is our highest priority and we only enroll the best and highly experienced teachers for teaching languages. We will enroll non-native teacher/instructor to teach if they are of high quality and have the relevant qualifications. As a learner, you are free to choose the instructor/teacher that you prefer by seeing their profile and reading their bio, prior to booking a class.

Can anyone at any age learn English?

Yes, absolutely! English can be learned by anyone and at any age. The minimalistic design of makes it super easy and simple to learn English without any distractions. Just make sure that you have an adult to supervise you and pay during the registration process.

Why is learning English important?

English is an important language to learn as it is one of the most used languages around the world, and allows you to communicate with people from almost anywhere in the world. It is the official language in 53 countries and spoken by almost 400 million people! Learning to speak English can help you make new friends, find employment, open up new opportunities and further your career.

Does virtual/online/live learning work?

Yes! Learning online either through self-study material such as videos or with a live tutor/instructor with one-on-one private session has been proven to be effective and of greater value than traditional classroom methods.

Can I learn English with an instructor for free?

Yes! Your first 30 minutes session on is always free. You will only be charged a small fee set by your teacher, from the 2nd session onwards.

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