English Teachers Wanted! Countries in Demand for English Teachers

English is a global business language and hence it is not surprising how the demand for learning English is growing exponentially. While English is a requirement for many to migrate to or survive in an English-speaking country, there are many more who take up English for higher education or to advance their careers and/or business. Just as the demand for English students is increasing, there is a growing demand for English teachers as well. With numerous platforms offering teacher training courses, even those without a teaching background can quickly become a language teacher and spread the joy of language learning.

We have compiled a list of countries with a high demand for English teachers, to make it easier for you to narrow down your options.


1. China

China is an industrial powerhouse and with one of the most resilient economies in the world, making China one of the most sought-after countries by foreigners, both for business and to make a living. With the largest population in the world, China has a sizeable population of English speakers and English learners. However, compared to the number of English speakers that are present, the number of English teachers is far too few. Companies are investing in qualified English teachers to conduct classes during working hours or wirelessly through online platforms, to help speakers of Mandarin Chinese learn English. Apart from the flexibility on offer for prospective English teachers, there are benefits such as free accommodation and lucrative salaries.

hong kong skyline view

Population: 1.4 b.


2. Japan

With a diverse economy and a global reach by local companies, Japan is a country that is the home base for many reputed brands representing the automotive, construction and banking industries. These companies hire certified language teachers, especially English teachers to train their employees before sending them on assignments to foreign countries. English proficiency is a requirement set by major MNCs, which results in students and professionals taking up English learning courses. The demand for English teachers is high in the major cities of Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka, with companies offering competitive salaries and benefits for certified English teachers. The Japan Exchange and Teaching program, which allows TEFL or similar certified individuals to come to Japan for teaching English, is a convenient pathway to explore Japan while giving something back to the wonderful country.

English Teachers Wanted! Countries in Demand for English Teachers

Population: 126 m.


3. Vietnam

Despite colonial ties with France, Vietnamese have always preferred to learn English than French. With the influx of tourists increasing every year, there is a growing demand for English speaking locals in the service industry. The economy of Vietnam is also improving, with many far east companies setting up offices in Vietnam and the locals are keen on securing jobs with these large companies. The Vietnamese youth take up English learning to understand the culture of the English-speaking community, which they are curious about. This has created a demand for English teachers in Vietnam. There are opportunities to be had if you have a certified online TEFL qualification which is what most recruiters look for. Vietnam is a tourist hotspot, teaching there comes with the added benefit of being in a travelers’ paradise! With the cost of living significantly lower than countries such as Japan or China, being an English teacher in Vietnam will help you save money as well.

English Teachers Wanted! Countries in Demand for English Teachers


Population: 96.4 m.


4. Russia

Learning English is gaining popularity in Russia, with a growing number of language schools and tutoring services. These schools and tutors cater to a diverse population consisting of students, businessmen, and even politicians. As countries seek global cooperation, English is gaining popularity as the language of choice for Russians. The demand for English teachers is increasing in Russia with opportunities such as freelance tutoring or online tutoring in high demand. The process to get a visa to Russia might be harder than the Asian countries listed above, but with a certified TEFL or TESOL qualification or similar, it should not be too difficult.

English Teachers Wanted! Countries in Demand for English Teachers

Population: 145.8 m.

5. UAE

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a country that has a growing number of English learners. With a sizeable expat population from non-English speaking countries to the youth who predominantly speak Arabic, the requirement for English teachers is quite high. From schools to corporations, opportunities for certified English teachers are in plenty. The UAE Ministry of Education recognizes online TEFL certifications, which is excellent news for anyone looking to set up base in the country. With many international companies and a welcoming group of residents, UAE is an exciting place for an English teacher.

downtown dubai

Population: 9.6 m.

Teaching abroad is truly a life-changing experience. You become more open-minded about different cultures, traditions and discover new ways of doing things. The challenges of moving to a new city also help you grow as a person and gets you out of your comfort zone (and that’s usually when the magic happens!) Leaving friends and family behind is never easy but it provides you with the exciting opportunity of meeting new people.

The demand for English teachers is real and there are many great opportunities for you to benefit from. Teaching English in foreign countries can fund your stay which means you can stay longer in your new country. It’s a great option for anyone that loves to travel and explore new places without having to spend their saving to do so. Becoming a certified language teacher is the first step to help you reach your professional goals, in countries across the globe.

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