About Langu.ag

Langu.ag is a live online learning platform that connects English learners from around the world with native English language instructors, to learn in real-time. Langu.ag is developed by LearningOnline.xyz, an eLearning company headquartered in Cupertino, CA, that loves creating online learning lifestyle solutions that help people build happier, more fulfilled lives.

With Langu.ag you can learn English live with qualified native speaking teachers who are available at a time convenient to you, right in your office, home or your neighborhood cafe! Enjoy one-on-one private classes, ask questions, get instant feedback and learn English in no time!

By learning English live on Langu.ag, you help support teachers and students to make their dreams a reality through LearningOnline.xyz’s pledge to donate to non-profit organizations supporting schools and classrooms around the world. Whether it is poverty, opportunity, or self-improvement; education is the answer.

Each solution developed by LearningOnline.xyz has a strong social mission. When you use any of our solutions, we give access to these products for free, distributed through one of our partner organizations that give someone else an opportunity to develop the skills they need to improve their life or support a worthy cause.

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We’re always looking for English teachers. Set your own schedule, get paid and make a difference.

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