Say hello to – the award winning free multi-language app

Say Hola, Ahoj, Bom Dia, Ciao, Merhaba, Ni Hao, Zdravstvuite, Hello… to your next language.

Say Hello to

Instant access to 160+ world languages

In-built language audio, transliteration and games

Mapped to international levels of language learning

For the culture vulture or traveler on the move, wherever your wanderlust or cool job takes you.

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COMING SOON Bot – Language Conversation Made Easy

Real-life conversations in any language are now easy with Bot. Learn and practice languages with meaningful conversations that help you learn any language in record time, minus the awkwardness and anxiety!

watch-video-langu-ag-bot Languages
Choose from 160+ languages

Search, find your favourite language and start learning for free. Choose any of the languages spoken all around the world, from A to Z to Klingon. Boldly go where no man has gone before! Download to your phone and carry on learning cool words and phrases: Vamos, allons-y, andiamo, let’s go!

Automatically saves your free language

Pick up where you left off – open the app and jump straight back into the language you were learning. Your progress is automatically saved across all your devices. Koel, kakkoii, legal, cool.

Cool categories

All the words and phrases you need for every day out and about, from food and drink to clothes and travel. Each cool category has 3- 7 lessons – be sure to tag your favorite words as you go and build your own mini dictionary.

Quick search

It’s all about you. Designed to keep your clicks quick and your smiles high, search for language, category, word or save your favorites any time. Categories Dashboard
Track your progress

Check in at your dashboard to keep track of how you’re doing: streaks, categories completed, lessons learnt. Congrats – now onto the next lesson.

Earn points

You’ve gotta love learning. Sizzle at your streaks, lap up your lessons and watch your point score soar. Get extra points for completing quizzes. Always there and always on – watch out for the icon.


Unlock your favorite languages forever

  • 1 level for 1 language

iOSComing Soon
  • All levels for all languages

iOSComing Soon
  • All levels for 1 language

iOSComing Soon

“Just loved Awesome UI, very easy to use, informative and productive.”

Aviral Shah

Lingo Lover

“Loving it!!! Very Helpful! This is the best language app I ever had so far.”


App Man

“L for LOVE for Languages I hope to boost my love and competence for languages through this app.”

Maia Macarandas

Culture Vulture

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