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Learn English for free with one-on-one lessons taught by live English teachers in training.

Why Langu.ag?

Langu.ag (pronounced simply as language) is a brand new eLearning platform for FREE online English lessons. You will have the unique opportunity to improve your English skills for free with a live teacher and receive a free certificate of attendance.

For All Language Levels

Classes are available for all language levels; beginner to advanced.

Free English Certificate

Get a certificate of attendance to showcase your English language skills

Private, 1:1 Classes

30-minute free online classes. Just you and your teacher.

Innovative Technology

Easy-to-use platform connecting learners with teachers.

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How does it work?

English learners worldwide can book 1-on-1, live English classes in 3 easy steps.
Step 1: Provide your name and contact details
Step 2: Take a free English placement test
Step 3: Langu.ag connects you with an English instructor

Do I need an account? How do I register?

We will automatically create a new account for you and will email you a link to set up a new password. With an online account, you will be able to view your upcoming lessons and manage any changes.

Are the live English classes really free?

Absolutely! All services on Langu.ag are 100% free.

What do I need to join my online classes?

With Langu.ag it’s super easy to connect to our virtual English lessons. All you need is a modern Web Browser. Video chat is supported on the following browsers:
Google Chrome, Google Chrome for Android, Firefox, Firefox for Android, Microsoft Edge 17 — beta, Safari 11 on macOS and Safari on iOS 11, Opera.

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